Healing Shame and Shock

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Krishnananda / Amana

Geführte Trance zur Co-Dependency-Arbeit
(in englischer Sprache)

Each meditation lasts 30 minutes and addresses two deep wounds in our psyche – the wounds of shame and shock. The meditations are subtle transmissions for healing these wounds through love and acceptance.

1. Healing Shame and Awakening Your Life Energy:

This meditation guides you to examine a situation in your life which provokes shame and insecurity. In the course of the meditation, you are guided to experience the shame with the quality of acceptance and spaceousness and to develop the seeds to come out of shame and re-awaken your life energy.

2. Healing Shock and Embracing Your Sensitivity:

This meditation guides you to explore a situation in your life which provokes fear. You are guided to bring your loving awareness to the fear and shock which you experience and slowly to bring your love and consciousness to this situation.

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