Coming Alive / Inner Space

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Krishnananda, Amana

Geführte Trance zur Co-Dependency-Arbeit
(in englischer Sprache)

This CD contains two meditations:

1. The first is: Coming Alive
This is a 26 minute guided dance meditation.
It is a journey into discovering the joy of movement and is designed to help you bring awareness to your body, awaken your life energy and open the natural playfulness and joy inside

2. The second is: Inner Space
Inner spaciousness is the experience of stillness and silence that arises spontaneously when we take the time to go in. It is a profound space of inner wisdom and tranquility which, when we cultivate it, begins to affect all aspects of our daily life. In this meditation, Krishnananda and Amana guide you into the deep relaxation of resting in inner space.

In these two meditations, Krishnananda and Amana guide you to awaken and nourish these two aspects of wholeness.

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