Heart Meditation CD

In den Korb
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Become a transforming Force within Existence

Music by The Osho Institute of Music and Celebration

First stage: 5 minutes
Into the heart First bring your awareness to your body.... and later to your Heart Chakra
Second stage: 15 minutes
Begin with yourself Feel your misery, your suffering, your pain. Experience it, and then start absorbing it. Let the suffering ride on your incoming breath and absorb it into your heart. Your heart can do miracles, as the energy passes through your heart it becomes bliss, it becomes blessing. Then let these blessings ride on the outgoing breath spreading to all nooks and corners of existence.
Third stage: 15 minutes
Include all the people of the world Expand this process... throughout the world.
Fourth stage: 15 minutes
Come back Now completely withdraw your attention from the world, from others, even from yourself. Lie down, close your eyes, be silent and still.

The CD includes a booklet with more information