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BALANCE 14: "Wisdom in the New Aeon"


Top: Clear
Lower: Gold
Shakes Together As: Gold
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Tarot Card: Temperance
I Ching Sign: # 14, "Possession in Great Measure" Flame Above, Heaven Below

Main Theme: Clarity for the New Aeon wisdom.

Dominant Characteristics: An inspired, purposeful herald of the New Aeon who is in contact with deep inner wisdom. Disseminates harmony and balance. Is able to feel deep joy. A clear-thinking person who has learned from past mistakes and draws wisdom from that knowledge.

Possible Challenge Aspects: A person who is not in balance, neither with the self nor with life. Full of self-doubt. Someone who may act in negative ways, thereby spreading chaos. Is possessed by deep irritations but does not really know what there is to be irritated about.

Spiritual Level: Reduces the pressure of expectations on oneself. Brings supportive, positive energies and joy in dealing with spiritual matters. Aids in the realization that goals should not be set too high, but rather, that one progresses safest and fastest by taking one step at a time.

Mental Level: Gives the courage to look more closely at difficult facts in one’s own life. Also helps in releasing unpleasant memories and self-doubt-thinking

Emotional Level: Provides and maintains centeredness, even during tumultuous times. Builds up the emotional level, particularly in regard to general irritations and anticipation.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire solar plexus area.

Affirmation: The more I let go of my irritations, the more I open myself to my own inner truth.