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BALANCE 5: "Sunrise-Sunset"


Top: Yellow
Shakes Together As:
Tarot Card:
The Heirophant
I Ching Sign: # 5, "Waiting/Nourishment" Water above, Heaven below

Main Theme: Represents our vast reservoirs (red) of energy , and the wisdom to use it wisely.

Dominant Characteristics: Possesses a lot of energy, and is able to express this energy. Is dynamic and charismatic. Manages the material side of life very well. Radiates an atmosphere of joy in which people feel good. May reflect the qualities to teach.

Possible Challenge Aspects: A very insecure person who faced many difficult situations. Has messianic tendencies and a tendency to not want to develop. Survival issues rule someone’s life. May be someone who finds great difficulties establishing relationships with other people.

Spiritual Level: Helps to distinguish "good and bad" and to develop a spiritual generosity. Enables the user to recognize that spiritual awakening is also possible through joy (one’s own and that which is transmitted to others).

Mental Level: The energy to assimilate knowledge and ground it. Can be supportive in the process of learning. Helps give structure to concepts.

Emotional Level: Brings suppressed emotions to the surface, together with the reason for its origin. In some cases it seems to have cleared the way to find joy, security, and profound relationships.

Where to Apply the Substance: The contents of this bottle relate specifically to the base chakra and therefore should never be applied above the waist. Keep this bottles contents in the area from the soles of the feet to the lower abdomen only.

Affirmation: I open myself to the joy in my life.