The Great Rainbow Wheel & The Angel Renewal

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Vicky Wall

Music by James Asher

Containing 2 meditations given by Vicky Wall. They were delivered spontaneously and have inspired poetic quality that reflects Vicky's special personal magic.

After attempts to capture Vicky's talks at courses thwarted by technical and acoustic problems, Vicky and Mike accepted James Ashers's invitation to visit his studio to produce these beautifil journeys through consciosness. Both meditations have music accompaniment by James Asher.

Track 1
"The Great Rainbow Wheel" is a guided journey through the colours of the rainbow. The accompanying music for this is "The Great Wheel", a beautiful and popular title within New Age music circles.

Track 2
"The Angel Renewal" is an uplifting invocation. It is a soul's call to it's higher potential and being, guided by insight and carried on a stairway of music.