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BALANCE 104: "Archangel Chamael"


Top: Iridescent Pink
Shakes Together As: Rose Pink

Chakra: not yet defined
Tarot Card:
not yet defined
I Ching Sign: not yet defined

Main Theme: It is as it is. A new beginning for love. A new order of being.

Belongs to the Seventh Ray. The Pink Ray or Ruby Ray.
Love, Admiration and Gratitude.
There is also an association with the Garden of Gethsemene.*
Chamael strengthens the heart.

At 9.15am on 6th October 2004 the Archangel Chamael was born – Iridescent Pink/Magenta – an extra-ordinary combination for our times. The resolution between love and war. Chamael is attributed to Virgo, Mars and also to Wednesday.

He has come into being to help to resolve and bring forward the feminine aspect within our planet. He is particularly concerned with the energies of the Andes and how these energies, along with the feminine aspect, circulate across the planet as the rainbow serpent unfolds. For those who have been working deeply with themselves, we often come to a point or place where, in our observations of the witnessing of what is happening upon the stage of ourselves, we go into a point of judgement or criticism instead of allowing ourselves to be what we are. We go into a false sense of distancing ourselves as though we could become separate from who and what it is we are.

Chamael is there to help us with impartial observation and to go deeper into feminine receptivity in the context of the deeper work with ourselves.

The Pink energy in the upper fraction relates to detachment but also contains the energies of the Mother of Pearl. Mother of Pearl is the suffering that is created when we separate at any level within ourselves.
It is the suffering that is created by our desires, by our wants not being fulfilled and how the Pink energy brings in the deeper levels of self-acceptance to help diminish suffering through identification.

Where to Apply the Substance: Entire body, but especially appropriate across the whole of the lower abdomen and around the back, over the lower part of the spinal column.