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BALANCE 52: "Lady Nada"


Top: Pale Pink
Lower: Pale Pink
Shakes Together As: Pale Pink
Chakra: Root & Crown
Tarot Card: Queen of Swords
I Ching Sign: # 51,"Keeping Still, Mountain" Mountain above, Mountain below

Main Theme: To experience unconditional love

Dominant Characteristics: A person who is perceptive, intuitive and soft. Cares in very practical ways for others. Recognizes when other people need love and, so, gives it to them. Love means growth for this person.

Possible Challenge Aspects: Is still giving even when exploited. May have a restless mind and can hardly relax. Everything is too much for this person. Feels fragmented and empty of love. May indulge in spiritual illusions (for example, identifies with a very beautiful aspect of the self that he/she might have encountered during meditation, and does not recognize that he/she, like everyone else, still needs to work a lot on the self in order to realize this aspect).

Spiritual Level: Supports and speeds up the process of awakening. Helps to be concentrated during meditation. Brings those with spiritual illusions back to earth. Helps to develop a consciousness of loving kindness and how to share this with others.

Mental Level: Calms a restless mind. Stimulates intuition as well as concentration.

Emotional Level: Aids in the integration of aspects of the female role model. This substance also assists in the process of resolving difficulties having to do with self-love.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the abdomen. With mental problems, apply one drop to top vertebra at the head, one drop to the temples, and one drop to the neck, and rub it in.

Affirmation: I love myself as I am.