Equilibrium Oils "Pockets"

The most common combinations are available in little plastic "Pocket"-bottles to be carried with you in your handbag or even pocket for use in unexpected situations during daily life.

The advantage of isolating plastic allows different persons to shake it and use it, the personal energies are not transmitted to the the liquids of the bottle.

Complete Set of 9 Pocket Bottles 25 ml


16,5Pocket-"Physical Rescue"-25ml


Pocket-"Heart Rescue"-25ml


Pocket-"Sunlight Rescue"-25ml


Pocket-"Love Rescue"-25ml


Pocket-"Starchild Rescue"-25ml


Pocket-"Etheric Rescue"-25ml


Pocket-"Coral Rescue"-25ml


Pocket-"Energy Rescue"-25ml


Pocket-"Metatron Rescue"-25ml