Ten Thousand Buddhas

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A beautiful album combining mystical love meditations and instrumental Zen haikus. Recorded in India in the presence of Osho, 28 musicians from 11 countries contributed to these heart-opening recordings. ´With grace and gratitude, sit down as a buddha for a few moments. This is going to be your final posture; slowly slowly, you will be settled in your buddha nature. And if we can create ten thousand buddhas, that is enough to save humanity -- ten thousand buddhas reaching to every nook and corner of the world, simply spreading love, compassion, awareness.´

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01. Sangit Narayana  8:32

02. Dancing Buddhas  2:47

03. OM Mani Podme Hum  6:32

04. Unio Mystica  2:46

05. Sacred World  7:21

06. Light on the Path  7:39

07. The Bridge to That  1:32

08. Lovers of Meditation  2:24

09. The Wheel of Dharma  10:26

10. All That Is Real Will Remain  2:24

11. Living Buddha  5:48