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Navanita Harris

Geführte Meditation
(in englischer Sprache)
Music by Parijat

This CD is a guided relaxation for body resourcing, somatic movement (meaning “awareness of the inner body”) and cellular consciousness which strengthens your own health resources.
By bringing consciousness into the body you empower it. A direct experience of consciously inhabiting your body will support a feeling of relaxation, safeness, stability, grounding and a sense of well-being.

Welcome to this somatic healing and movement meditation leading to health, relaxation and being at home in your body. It is for Anybody with Any Body. It is about making friends with your body through sensing, visualising, movement and consciousness.

Practicing with this CD supports:

• Your comfort and ease

• Feeling good, safe and at home in your body

• Access to your inner source of health

• Cellular consciousness

• Empowerment through establishing boundaries

• Self-regulation of your nervous system

• Embodied experience of wholeness

• Vitality and aliveness


How to practice with this CD:

The meditation lasts 63 minutes. This is an invitation to allow Somatic Awareness in your body. You are encouraged to explore and trust your own unique journey each time you participate. It can be practised when and where you like, preferably in a space where you can be undisturbed. The guided sequences are suggestions to support you experiencing whatever it is you need in this moment.

1. Wear light and loose fitting clothes. See to it that your environment is comfortable, safe and quiet (telephones off!). Have blanket(s) and cushions available for supporting the body to be comfortable during the Pose of the Cell and the resting phases.

2. During the meditation: Are you comfortable? If not, then change your position anytime in order to feel at ease. It is possi -ble to meditate while moving, for movement is the language of the body, and therefore a way of directly experiencing your body. Have enough space to move. You can, however, also just visua lize movement if you prefer, and it will be just as effective.

3. Beginning: Start the CD in a comfortable position, lying down or sitting. You can also experience the meditation and the movements on your bed. Sometimes you will change position in order to feel the boundary of the body. Becoming aware of where your body contacts the bed or floor helps you to feel supported by the earth. You may also explore the boundary between your body and your inner space.

4. Pose of the Cell: During the meditation there is a section called the “Pose of the Cell” (see picture on CD cover), where it is good to snuggle up as comfortably as you can, like kneeling with the knees slightly apart, so that the belly can relax. You can also practise this lying on your side so as to feel safe in a contained space. The simplicity will surprise you! Every cell of your body may feel at ease, content and complete. By being aware of the membrane, or your boundary, your inner space be comes clearer to you. Explore moving consciously through the membrane in both directions – from the inner to the outer and from the outer to the inner. Through practising the Pose of the Cell, and being with what is, your sense of well-being is encouraged.

5. Movement: There will come a point in the meditation where you move freely. When you start moving con sciously out from the “Pose of the Cell”, this sense of ease in movement will remain. While moving like this, you will learn to be connected inside and out. This meditation enables you to sense yourself through movement. This conscious movement while coming from a slower rhythm will refresh, nourish and vitalize your whole system. Thus stabilized in your inner ease and comfort, you can now encounter the outer environment without loosing contact with yourself.

6. Relaxation and Integration: In this phase you may like to cover yourself. Now is the time to feel what is happening inside and allow the body/mind system to rest and integrate. So, this stage is important; it’s about the art of how to rest – it soothes and heals you and needs always to be remembered.

7. After the meditation: You will now be able to function and continue your day. The effect of it will continue to integrate and create new directions and pathways how to be just natural, healthy and whole. I therefore recommend to practise this meditation on a regular basis.

Happy Cells, Cellular Consciousness

The body you live in now began its mysterious dance of life as just one cell. Each one of the 50 or 60 trillion cells that make up your body today is unique, and contains all the information needed for health and aliveness. Working on the level of cellular consciousness supports the communication and co-operation between the cells and gives you a sense of well-being. At the same time, you will be feeling very safe and at home in your own body, which keeps your inherent source of health available. The CD contains a practice of the “Pose of the Cell” which will support you in strengthening your boundary (the container), while at the same time remaining open. This will stabilize your nervous system and support your feeling of being whole. It is in your inner space that you find your source of health.

Naanita Harris: Navanita’s near death experience in 1994 was a turning point in her work with people. Since then, she has discovered effective methods of sharing the healing experience which she has been through herself. “But”, she insists, “I see myself as a helper, not a teacher!” This CD offers the essence of Navanita’s healing experience, i.e.: accessing the vitality of health in the cellular consciousness of your body.

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