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Hidden Mysteries


The real significance of temples, holy places and statues and the original purpose of mantras, astrology and incense has all been lost over the years. As we no longer know how to use them as jumping boards into the ultimate truth, they have either been debased into the mythical trappings of religions and “new age” beliefs or mocked by skeptics.

But, explains Osho, once we understand that a higher consciousness is still flowing in these ancient places, all we have to do is turn in and stand in the middle of the stream and “with the sails of our consciousness open.” Then, in such places, the inner journey is easier and faster than anywhere else.

Chapter 1: Hidden Mysteries of Eastern Temples
Chapter 2: The Alchemy of Places of Pilgrimage
Chapter 3: The Occult Science of the Third Eye
Chapter 4: The Transforming Power of Idols
Chapter 5: Astrology: The Science of Cosmic Oneness
Chapter 6 Astrology: A Door to Religiousness

I say unto You-Vol.1

Hardcover, 274 pages

Talks on the Sayings of Jesus

In I Say unto You, we are introduced to a dynamic, compassionate, intelligent, loving Jesus, who speaks in a plain and simple way that everyone can understand, rather than the longfaced, sad and tortured man often depicted down the centuries. Osho looks with a crystal-clear perception and humor at Jesus’ work, inviting us to see the parables and miracles as metaphors of the inner world. He gives insight into Jesus’ own search, and his journeys to the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, Kashmir and Tibet that transformed him into one of the most evolved masters of the two paths of love and meditation – so relevant for today’s societies where the sharp functioning of the mind is more valued than the intelligence of the heart.
Osho places Jesus amongst the great mystics of our time: an extraordinary man whose work went unacknowledged by his own people and was misunderstood by the creators of Christianity.
“When life is a mystery, only then are you religious.” Osho

Chapter 1: Be a Nobody and Have All
Chapter 2: Come out of Your Mind
Chapter 3: First Be Reconciled
Chapter 4: Man Cannot Live without Meaning
Chapter 5: A Journey between Two Infinities
Chapter 6: Silence Belongs to the Universal
Chapter 7: Life Is Open Opportunity
Chapter 8: Live in Eternity
Chapter 9: The Phenomenon of Unconsciousness
Chapter 10: You Are a Mystery Excerpt from I Say Unto You, Vol.1

Intimacy: Trusting yourself and the Other

Intimacy: Trusting yourself and the Other

Paperback, 192 pages

Hit-and-run relationships are common in a society that has grown more rootless, less tied to traditional family structures, and more accepting of casual sex. But at the same time, there arises an undercurrent of feeling that something is missing - a quality of intimacy.

In this gentle and compassionate guide, Osho takes the reader step-by-step through what makes people afraid of intimacy, how to encounter those fears and go beyond them, and what they can do to nourish themselves and their relationships to support more openness and trust.


Start Where You Are
Be Authentic
Listen to Yourself
Trust Yourself

Be Seen
The Need for Privacy
Relating not Relationship
Take the Risk to Be True
Learn the Language of Silence

The Habit of Reaction
Stuck on Security
False Values

Accept Yourself
Let Yourself Be Vulnerable
Be Selfish
A Meditation Technique

Responses to Questions
Why do I find attractive people frightening?
Why do I feel self-conscious?
I feel I lose myself when I get really close to people. How can I stay myself?
What is it to give and what is it to receive?
What is the real answer to living in intimacy?

Life is a Soap Bubble

Hardcover, 365 pages

The one hundred short passages in this book are full of diverse, pertinent gems. They will touch your heart and your being. They will inspire your life, showing you how to turn each and every moment into bliss. If you have come to the point where you feel there must be something more to life and are ready to explore other dimensions of your being, this collection of thoughts will provide an essential road map.
“I teach discontent. I teach you to be discontented with just being a person. Human life is just a temporary stopover on the whole journey of life, not the final destination. And those who take it to be the final destination waste a priceless opportunity to rise beyond man. We are a midpoint in a long process of evolution. Our past was part of the journey and so is our future. Evolution does not end with us, it will transcend us also.” Osho
Chapter Titles Letters 1 - 100

Excerpt from Life Is a Soap Bubble:
Truth is one, but the doors to find it can be many. And if you become attached to the door itself, you will stop at the door. Then the door of truth will never open for you. Truth is everywhere. Everything that is, is truth. It has infinite forms. It is just like beauty. Beauty manifests itself in many forms, but that does not mean that beauty itself is many different things. What glows in the stars at night, and what gives off fragrance in the flowers, and what shows in the eyes as love – are they different from each another? The forms may be different, but the very same essence is present in them all. But he who gets stuck at the form never comes to know the soul. And he who stops at the beautiful is never able to experience beauty itself. Likewise, those who get stuck with words will remain without the truth. Those who know this, transform obstacles on the path into stepping stones. And for those who do not know this, even stepping stones will become obstacles.

Living on Your own Terms

Paperback, 208 pages

“People can be happy only in one way, and that is if they are authentically themselves. Then the springs of happiness start flowing; they become more alive, they become a joy to see, a joy to be with; they are a song, they are a dance.” Osho

Decades after the rebellions of the 1960s a new generation is again challenging and rebelling against outdated structures and values, focusing on political and economic systems and their failings. But this generation has the opportunity and responsibility to move the development of human freedom to the next level. Living on Your Own Terms will support this new generation in expanding its understanding of freedom and pushing toward new systems for humanity.

The Osho Life Essentials series focuses on the most important questions in the life of the individual. Each volume contains timeless and always-contemporary investigations and discussions into questions vital to our personal search for meaning and purpose, focusing on questions specific to our inner life and quality of existence.