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The Path of Love


On the Songs of the Indian Mystic Kabir

Kabir was a 15th-century Indian mystic whose poetry and teachings are beloved by Muslims and Hindus alike. He is also said to have been the mentor of Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh religion. Some say that he lived for 120 years, and history records that he died near Varanasi in 1518.
Kabir is a poet, a weaver, a husband and father — enlightened and yet an ordinary man. His poetic songs tell of the ecstasy and the pitfalls on a seeker’s journey on the path of love. Osho describes Kabir as one of the greatest mystics ever born and dedicated five series of talks to Kabir’s work.

Chapter 1: Love Is the Master Key
Chapter 2: So Far, So Good
Chapter 3: Home Is Not Far Away
Chapter 4: Religion Is Individual Flowering
Chapter 5: I Sing the Glory of Forms
Chapter 6: The Inner Trinity
Chapter 7: A Harmony of Love and Renunciation
Chapter 8: Freedom to Choose
Chapter 9: The Song of Love
Chapter 10: Please Wake Up

The Psychology of the Esoteric


Osho begins from where Western psychology leaves off. Beyond Freud and Jung, beyond the Human Potential Movement, to the psychology of enlightenment, of buddhahood. In these talks Osho reveals his vision of a New Man a man who embraces all aspects of life from the mundane to the sacred, and of the creation of a climate in which that new man can realize his ultimate potential. Response to questions from seekers cover a multitude of topics including the nature of meditation; sex, love and prayer as the three essential steps to the divine; destiny; why Westerners are attracted to Eastern religion and philosophy; the significance of kundalini yoga; dream psychology and the seven energy bodies.


"Osho has the ability to make the esoteric seem instantly appealing and utterly obvious."
- Meditation Magazine, Canada

The Song of Ecstasy

The Song of Ecstasy


Talks on Adi Shankara’s Bhaj Govindam

Osho has spoken many times of Adi Shankaracharya, the enlightened mystic of eighth-century India, as someone who traveled across India arguing, debating and defeating all the renowned scholars, theologians and so-called religious leaders who were turning the inner search into a mental exercise, an academic discussion. But here we are introduced to a different Adi Shankaracharya - one who can sing in his song of ecstasy and dance his joy in life. His popular song, written in Sanskrit, is sung throughout India and is known as Bhaj Govindam.
As he comments on these verses and answers related questions Osho shows us yet again, his vision of the New Man, the whole man - joyous, silent, ecstatic; repressing nothing, watching everything.

Chapter   1: Always Sing the Song of the Divine
Chapter   2: Sowing the Seed
Chapter   3: The Search for Nirvana
Chapter   4: Every Step Is the Destination
Chapter   5: The Bondage of Hope
Chapter   6: The Great Transcendence
Chapter   7: A Song of Life
Chapter   8: This World Is a School
Chapter   9: The Essence in Life
Chapter 10: Just One Moment...

The Tantra Experience


Talks on The Royal Song of Saraha

An absorbing book about the relationship between Saraha, an affluent young Brahmin, and a lower-cast arrowsmith woman - he as disciple and she as his Tantric master. These revolutionary talks on "The Royal Song of Saraha" are "...not the composition of a poet, but the realization of a mystic." Through his characteristically penetrating insights into previously insolvable paradoxes of life, Osho reveals how the Tantra experience will help free us from the destructive Hebraic-Christian dualism that has crippled our bodies, minds and hearts, and has condemned as evil almost everything we do.
Osho offers crystal-clear answers to questions and dilemmas we could never understand - even if we had dared to ask about them - and gives us a new perspective, a new way of looking at life and a new way of living in harmony with existence...for Tantra is not an intellectual proposal, it is pure experience. "You may not have even heard the name of Saraha, but Saraha is one of the great benefactors of humanity. If I were to count on my fingers ten benefactors of humanity, Saraha would be one of those ten. If I were to count five, then too, I would not be able to drop Saraha."


"With Osho as a guide Tantra can give you a new perspective, a new way of looking at yourself and at life, a new way of living in harmony with existence for Tantra is not an intellectual proposal, it is pure experience." Penguin Books

Chapter   1: Aiming at the One
Chapter   2: The Goose Is Out!
Chapter   3: This Honey Is Yours
Chapter   4: Love Is Death
Chapter   5: Man Is a Myth
Chapter   6: I Am a Destroyer
Chapter   7: Truth Is Neither Holy nor Unholy
Chapter   8: Be True to Love
Chapter   9: Mind Immaculate in Its Very Being
Chapter 10: Hingle de Jibity Dangely Ji

This, This, A Thousand Times This

280 p., Hardcover

The Very Essence of Zen

Osho now introduces us to his new meditation, the Mystic Rose Meditation Therapy.
“All that you have is the purity of this-ness – this moment.” Osho

Osho’s extraordinary talks on Zen are recognized works of genius, studied in Zen monasteries and universities and throughout the world. His inspiring books cover everything from the wisdom of the world’s mystics to answers to intensely personal questions about meditation and the inner search. His unique authenticity touches the reader in a way no other can.

Zen, meditation, is “the great adventure” – the adventure of turning in and discovering the treasures hidden within each one of us. In this book Osho explains the limitations of the intellect, and shows how to explore the dimensions that lie beyond it, inviting us to experience that we are much more than our minds.

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1 : The Mystic Rose
Chapter 2 : Commentaries of the Bamboos
Chapter 3 : The Greatest Sermon in the History of Zen
Chapter 4 : Encountering Reality
Chapter 5 : Freedom: The Ultimate Value
Chapter 6 : Intuition and Zen
Chapter 7 : Be an Emperor
Chapter 8 : Dancing Madly From Eternity to Eternity
Chapter 9 : The Flame of Your Innermost Being
Chapter 10 : Daring, Rebellious and Existential
Chapter 11 : No Beginning, No End
Chapter 12 : Infinite Depth
Chapter 13 : Five Doors to Your House
Chapter 14 : Zen Is for Nobodies
Chapter 15 : The Vastness of This