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Take it really seriously

Available again! Import from Japan!

Hardbound, 703 pages

Take It Really Seriously is a big, beautifully bound, collectors edition joke book, available only in Hardcover. At the time of writing there are only a few hundred copies remaining, and it is unlikely to ever be reprinted.
It has 30 chapters of jokes, on subjects ranging from:

  • Marriage to Maxims
  • Sex to Shrinks
  • Cannibals to Kids

And there are  big chapters on:

  • Religion,  Politics, Nations, Animals.......

A joke for every occasion: weddings, meetings, parties,
religious sermons, college lectures...... anytime anywhere!

As well as over 2000 jokes, there are many of Osho's insights.  

  • On humor, and why a sense of humor is essential in

  • On laughter, and why it is gives us a healthy mind, body
    and soul

  • On the psychology of jokes, and why they make us

  • On the history of jokes, and how they differ in different

In fact this book really is
A Revolutionary Insight into Jokes.

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Tantric Transformation


Talks on The Royal Song of Saraha

In this second volume of Osho’s talks on Saraha’s Royal Song, we are given a detailed map of Tantra: inner man, inner woman; the meeting of man and woman; the transformation of sexual energy and other techniques.
The Tantra vision, founded by Saraha, is one of the most glorious visions ever dreamed of by man. Tantra is all-embracing, respecting each of us as individuals and the essential nature of our humanity.
In Tantra Vision 2, Osho explains the goal of Tantra: the experience of cosmic expansion and, ultimately, of divine wisdom. He describes the Tantra map of inner consciousness, including the "four seals" or locks that open in us as we move higher in meditation. Speaking with profound wisdom and compassion, Osho shows how he truly understands the fabric of our lives on earth, seeing both the splendor and despair of our Western ways, and the doubt, misery and guilt that are the legacy of our Hebraic-Christian religions. He encourages us to turn inwards, to expand to the uttermost and to learn the Tantric language of love that will finally bring us joy and happiness in life. This book is a very alive, concrete guide for exploration of our own energy, of our own inner space.

Chapter   1: The Tantra Map
Chapter   2: Freedom Is a higher Value
Chapter   3: Breaking the Four Seals
Chapter   4: Trust Cannot Be Betrayed
Chapter   5: From Nothing to Nothing
Chapter   6: I Am Enough Alone
Chapter   7: Intelligence Is Meditation
Chapter   8: Love Makes No Shadow
Chapter   9: No-Mind Is the Door
Chapter 10: Just a Remembrance

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The Book of Nothing

Hardbound, 296 pages

Talks on the Faith Mind of Sosan 

There is little known about the ancient Zen master, Sosan, yet with very few words he has revealed how a river finds its course, how a seeker finds his path without knowing. Step by step, Osho unlocks the meaning within Sosan’s verses, revealing the individual, tangible maps contained within every seeker of truth. Through this book the reader can be awakened to sense his own way forward. 

This is not a guide book filled with instructions on which turns to take, which decisions to make. It is a book in which Osho skillfully uses words to carve a path into the heart of meditation – a phenomenal journey that begins with the words on a page and ends in the most profound silence of The Book of Nothing: Hsin Hsin Ming. 


"Sosan’s book is so small, just like Isa Upanishad, and far more significant. When I say that my heart breaks, because I would like Isa to be the ultimate book, but what can I do? – Sosan has defeated it. Tears come to my eyes because Isa is defeated, and also because Sosan is victorious”.
Osho, Books I Have Loved

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1: The Great Way Is Not Difficult 
  • Chapter 2: The Way Is Perfect 
  • Chapter 3: Stop Talking and Thinking 
  • Chapter 4: To Return to the Root 
  • Chapter 5: The Unity of Emptiness 
  • Chapter 6: Strive to No Goals 
  • Chapter 7: All Dreams Must Cease 
  • Chapter 8: Life in True Faith 
  • Chapter 9: Not Two 
  • Chapter 10: No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, No Today 
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    The Eternal Quest

    Hardbound, 245 pages

    Religiousness is the last luxury, says Osho. Western psychotherapy helps us adjust so we can live in “normal insanity,” but once all our material needs are fulfilled, something in us still aches for more – for freedom, expansion, bliss. The 120 questions and responses in The Eternal Quest are about this search, with all its peaks and pitfalls. Osho emphasizes how vital it is for us to ask genuine, basic questions if we want real answers, and has a mercilessly compassionate way of dealing with those who have not understood the point. Inspiring, profound and playful, this book covers everything from the science behind OSHO Dynamic Meditation to why we suffer in love and life.

    Chapter 1: Religion: Knowing through Feeling
    Chapter 2: Discovering Your Own Path
    Chapter 3: The Twenty-first Century Approach to Meditation
    Chapter 4: Hatha Yoga and Hypnosis
    Chapter 5: First Freedom, then Expression
    Chapter 6: Consciousness: Living in the Vertical Dimension
    Chapter 7: The Disease Called Seriousness
    Chapter 8: God: The Creative Process, Not the Creator
    Chapter 9: The Need for Authenticity
    Chapter 10: Life: Uncharted and Unknown Possibilities
    Chapter 11: Hare Krishna, Hare Rama!
    Chapter 12: Right Questioning
    Chapter 13: Beyond Polarities, Beyond Time
    Chapter 14: Suffering: Broken Harmony
    Chapter 15: The Last Luxury

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    The Heart Sutra


    Talks on The Prajnaparamita Hridaya Sutra

    Discourses on the Heart Sutra, the Prajnaparamita Hridaya Sutra of Gautam the Buddha reveal his essential teachings: the merging of negative and positive, the insubstantiality of the ego, and the buddha-nature of all of existence. In his inimitable way Osho brings these archaic yet invaluable insights right to the doorstep of the contemporary inquirer. He also speaks on the seven chakras and the corresponding facets in man? the physical, psychosomatic, psychological, psycho-spiritual, spiritual, spiritual-transcendental and transcendental.


    "Treatises on Buddhism are often dry and reverential, if not tediously scholastic, and if Osho’s treatment is not canonical, it compensates by throbbing with life, humor, penetrating insight and the continual provocation to think for oneself." Guy Claxton, Author of Noises from the Darkroom

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    The Man of Truth - with DVD

    A Majority of One

    389 pages, HC, including DVD of an incomparable press interview

    Osho transforms questions from the world’s media into exchanges of remarkable depth. He uses the opportunity to give worldwide exposure to his radical, far-reaching vision. Included in this book is one of these incomparable press interviews on DVD.

    Facing the most remarkable interviewee they are ever likely to meet, a few journalists are seen to flounder as they sense they are losing their grip on the proceedings. But many become fascinated and delighted by the realization that they are spending precious time with a unique and extraordinarily ordinary being who is sharing his inimitable vision of world events, human relationships, and the art of being a seeker whilst living in the thick of the challenges of the contemporary world.
    With his enlightened gift for repartee and some exquisitely timed insights, Osho transforms any attempts at shallow sensationalism into an opportunity for exchanges of a remarkable depth, and uses the opportunity to give worldwide exposure to his radical, far-reaching vision.
    In these times of information overload, when a daily newspaper can seem outdated before it reaches the shelves, the words in this book are as fresh and relevant today as they were on the day they were spoken. In fact, they continue to be far ahead of their time.

    Chapter Titles
    Chapter 1: An Ordinary Man
    Chapter 2: Come Again and Again
    Chapter 3: No God but Godliness
    Chapter 4: America Is a Hypocrite
    Chapter 5: You Are Alive
    Chapter 6: Live it, Enjoy it
    Chapter 7: You Are Your Own Authority
    Chapter 8: The Intelligent Way
    Chapter 9: Here Now
    Chapter 10: A Man Like Me Cannot Be Ignored
    Chapter 11: God Is the Greatest Lie
    Chapter 12: The Value of Freedom
    Chapter 13: Don’t Believe in Me
    Chapter 14: An Unwelcome Guest
    Chapter 15: A World-Wide Phenomenon

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    The Man who loved Seagulls

    272 p., Paperback

    In The Man Who Loved Seagulls, Osho--himself a master storyteller--discusses essential stories and parables from the world’s great wisdom traditions of Zen, Taoism, Christianity, and Judaism. A powerful teaching tool, this collection of stories has been interpreted and applied to the concerns of modern day life making the valuable lessons it imparts both timely and universal. The stories encourage meditation as they are meant to be told and studied again and again, in order to discover new layers of meaning with each reading.

    Topics include:

    *The futility of chasing happiness

    *The journey from fear to freedom

    *The Zen approach to death and dying

    *The extraordinary intelligence of innocence