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Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy

Hardbound, 299 pages


In a series of talks especially of help to the beginner, Osho clears up the misconception about the relationship of concentration to meditation. He also underscores the point that meditation is not a serious business; on the contrary it opens up the dimension of lightheartedness, joy, play and creativity within each person. Making meditation immediately accessible for everyone, Osho suggests a variety of techniques specially designed for today’s seeker. He also provides detailed descriptions of each stage of his own revolutionary meditation technique, Dynamic Meditation. The last section of this book describes other radical meditation techniques by Osho.

Chapter 1 Yoga: the Growth of Consciousness
Chapter 2 Non-Doing Through Doing
Chapter 3 “Chaotic” Meditation
Chapter 4 Dynamic Meditation or, Silent Meditation
Chapter 5 Moving Deeply into the Known
Chapter 6 Kundalini: The Awakening of the Life Force
Chapter 7 Enlightenment: An Endless Beginning
Chapter 8 Initiation to a Master: The Ultimate Technique
Chapter 9 Sannyas: Dying to the Past
Chapter 10 Total Desire: The Path to Desirelessness
Chapter 11 What is the Soul?
Chapter 12 LSD and Meditation
Chapter 13 Intuition: A Non-Explanation
Chapter 14 Consciousness, Witnessing & Awareness
Chapter 15 The Difference between Satori & Samadhi
Chapter 16 Sexual Energy & the Awakening of the Kundalini
Chapter 17 The Manifestations of Prana in the Seven Bodies
Chapter 18 Traditional Techniques Reinvented by Osho
Chapter 19 Techniques Devised by Osho 

My Way, The Way of the White Clouds



The questions Osho answers in this book were chosen over a period of fifteen days with a specific purpose: to introduce Osho and his work to the thousands of visitors and seekers looking for a new way of life.
With the clarity available only to a man who has gone beyond time and space to a state of supreme consciousness, Osho gives a comprehensive blueprint of his vision for a troubled twenty-first century humanity.
The symbol of the white clouds is chosen to represent the way a seeker moves on the path…and this book addresses all the states - storms, winds, rains, sun, rain and rainbows - that are part of the adventure.

Chapter   1: The Way of the White Clouds
Chapter   2: The Mystery Beyond Mind
Chapter   3: To Be Miserable or Ecstatic…?
Chapter   4: All Hopes Are False
Chapter   5: Dropping the Ego Now
Chapter   6: Are You Still Carrying Her?
Chapter   7: The Mystery of Relationship
Chapter   8: Only a Ripe Fruit Falls
Chapter   9: Surrender and I Will Do the Rest
Chapter 10: You Are the Way
Chapter 11: You Are the Meeting Point
Chapter 12: Whatsoever You Do, Be Total
Chapter 13: Share Through Your Being