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Maturity: The Responsibility of Being Oneself

Paperback, 192 pages

In a culture infatuated with youth, and determined to avoid old age at all costs, this book dares to raise a question that has been all but forgotten in the age of Viagra and cosmetic surgery. What benefits might lie in accepting the aging process as natural, rather than trying to hold on to youth and its pleasures all the way to the grave?

Osho takes us back to the roots of what it means to grow up rather than just to grow old. Both in our relationships with others, and in the fulfillment of our own individual destinies, he reminds us of the pleasures that only true maturity can bring He outlines the ten major growth cycles in human life, from the self-centered universe of the pre-schooler to the flowering of wisdom and compassion in old age.

A unique sense of humor runs like a thread through the book, along with a profound compassion and understanding of how easy it is to be distracted from the deeper meaning and purpose of our lives - which is, ultimately, to flower into our own individual uniqueness and maturity with an attitude of celebration and joy.


Foreword: The Art of Living

From Ignorance to Innocence
Maturity and Aging
Maturity of Spirit


Dependence, Independence, Interdependence
Needing and Giving, Loving and Having
Love and Marriage
Parent and Child
Love Plus Awareness Equals Being

When Entenity Penetrates Time
The Laws of Aging

The Stranger in the Drawing Room
Menopause - It’s Not Just a "Girl Thing"
The Dirty Old Man

From No to Yes
Integration and Centering
When Birth and Death Become One
Dropping Out of the Game

Justifiable Homicide
Life Without Attitude
From Sex to Sensuality


Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy

Hardbound, 299 pages


In a series of talks especially of help to the beginner, Osho clears up the misconception about the relationship of concentration to meditation. He also underscores the point that meditation is not a serious business; on the contrary it opens up the dimension of lightheartedness, joy, play and creativity within each person. Making meditation immediately accessible for everyone, Osho suggests a variety of techniques specially designed for today’s seeker. He also provides detailed descriptions of each stage of his own revolutionary meditation technique, Dynamic Meditation. The last section of this book describes other radical meditation techniques by Osho.

Chapter 1 Yoga: the Growth of Consciousness
Chapter 2 Non-Doing Through Doing
Chapter 3 “Chaotic” Meditation
Chapter 4 Dynamic Meditation or, Silent Meditation
Chapter 5 Moving Deeply into the Known
Chapter 6 Kundalini: The Awakening of the Life Force
Chapter 7 Enlightenment: An Endless Beginning
Chapter 8 Initiation to a Master: The Ultimate Technique
Chapter 9 Sannyas: Dying to the Past
Chapter 10 Total Desire: The Path to Desirelessness
Chapter 11 What is the Soul?
Chapter 12 LSD and Meditation
Chapter 13 Intuition: A Non-Explanation
Chapter 14 Consciousness, Witnessing & Awareness
Chapter 15 The Difference between Satori & Samadhi
Chapter 16 Sexual Energy & the Awakening of the Kundalini
Chapter 17 The Manifestations of Prana in the Seven Bodies
Chapter 18 Traditional Techniques Reinvented by Osho
Chapter 19 Techniques Devised by Osho 

Meditation: The First and Last Freedom

Paperback, 320 pages


A Practical Guide

The most comprehensive guide available to all the Osho Active Meditations, plus a variety of other techniques offered at the Osho Meditation Resort in India, and at Osho meditation events around the world. "The first upgrade to meditation since Buddha’s time." The book has just been re-issued in a more compact and portable format. In addition to dozens of meditation techniques, the book is an invaluable resource for meditators with Osho responses to questions people have encountered along the way.

What is meditation?
Witnessing, the spirit of meditation

The flowering of meditation
The great silence
Growing in sensitivity
Love, the fragrance of meditation
Abiding joy for no reason at all
Intelligence: the ability to respond

Aloneness: your self-nature
Your real self

Methods and Meditations
Techniques are helpful
Begin with effort
These methods are simple
First understand the technique
The right method will click
When to drop the method

Suggestions for beginners
Enough space
The right place
Be comfortable
Begin with catharsis

Guidelines to Freedom
The three essentials
Be playful
Be patient
Don’t look for results
Appreciate unawareness
Machines help, but don’t create meditation
You are not your experiences

Meditation is a knack

Why active meditation?
Powerful Methods for Awakening
An Energy Phenomenon
OSHO® DYNAMIC MEDITATION: Catharsis and Celebration
Remember, remain a witness

Anything Can Be a Meditation
Running, Jogging and Swimming
Laughing Meditation
Gibberish Meditation
Smoking Meditation

Breath – a Bridge to Meditation
Throwing things out

Opening the Heart
From head to heart
The heart of peacefulness
Atisha’s Heart Meditation

Inner Centering
Finding the real source
Center of the cyclone
Who am I?

Meditations on Light
Golden Light meditation
Heart of light

Meditations on Darkness
Inner darkness

Meditations in Sound
The center of sound

Finding the Space Within
Enter the clear sky
Include Everything
A meditation for the jet set

Watching with the Third Eye
Finding the Witness
Touching as a Feather

Just Sitting

Just Listening


The two difficulties
The ego
The chattering mind

False methods
Meditation is not concentration
Meditation is not introspection

Tricks of the mind
Don’t be fooled by experiences
Mind can enter again
Mind can deceive you

Only a witness can really dance
The goose has never been in
The watcher on the hill
Where did you leave your bicycle?
Just a 180° turn
All paths merge on the mountain
Celebrating consciousness
Count the moments of awareness
Make things as simple as possible
Witnessing is like sowing seeds
Witnessing is enough

Moral, Immoral, Amoral

Paperback, 208 pages

“I don’t say cultivate morality; I say become more conscious, and you will be moral. But that morality will have a totally different flavor to it. It will be spontaneous; it will not be ready-made.” Osho

In a global world, we are in search of universal values—values based on a contemporary understanding that unifies us as human beings beyond the divisions of religions, nations, and race. In Moral, Immoral, Amoral, Osho speaks directly to this contemporary search as he introduces us to a quest for values that make sense in the world we live in—a quest that goes far beyond moral codes of behavior and comes from an inner connectivity and oneness with existence.

The Osho Life Essentials series focuses on the most important questions in the life of the individual. Each volume contains timeless and always-contemporary investigations and discussions into questions vital to our personal search for meaning and purpose, focusing on questions specific to our inner life and quality of existence.

Moving into the Unknown

Hardbound, 308 pages

On Buddha’s Sutra of Forty-two Chapters

“Ecstasy is such a great ‘Aha!’ that you are completely dissolved into it. It becomes your very song, your celebration, your dance. Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. Life is a mystery to be lost in, not a problem to be handled.” Osho

In this second volume from The Discipline of Transcendence series, Osho continues to talk on the 42 earliest-surviving Buddhist sutras. By using the word discipline, Osho carves away the conventional, well understood, meaning of the word, so that the reader is able to move from what he already understands, into territory he may never have explored before.

Osho encourages the use of awareness to reveal the natural discipline that comes from listening to oneself. Simply reading this book will inspire you to new revelations about your own life.

 Chapter Titles
 Chapter 1: The Challenge of the Buddha
 Chapter 2:  Happy for no Reason
 Chapter 3:  In accord with the Way
 Chapter 4:  The Blessed One
 Chapter 5:  Be a light unto Yourself
 Chapter 6:  A Questionless Mind
 Chapter 7:  Reflections of Emptiness
 Chapter 8: Whatsoever you choose, you Become
 Chapter 9:  The Discipline beyond Discipline
 Chapter 10: A hollow Bamboo
 Chapter 11: A new Light

Awareness and discipline are the most fundamental things for a seeker. If you discipline yourself without awareness, you will become a hypocrite. If you discipline yourself without awareness, you will become a zombie, a robot. You may not do harm to anybody, you may be known as a good man or even as a saint, but you will not be able to live your real life, you will not be able to celebrate it. There will be no delight in it. You will become too serious; the playfulness will be gone forever. And seriousness is a disease.
If discipline is without awareness, then you will enforce it and it will be a violence, a rape of your own being. It will not give you freedom; it will create more and more, bigger and bigger, imprisonments. The discipline is right if it is based on awareness. The discipline goes completely wrong, becomes poisoned, when it is done not with awareness but by a blind, believing mind.

So the first thing is the whip -- the awareness. And the second thing is the rope -- the discipline. What is the need of discipline? If you are aware, it seems awareness is enough. Eventually it is enough, but not in the beginning -- because the mind has deep patterns, and the energy tends to move from the old habits and old patterns. New channels have to be created.

You may have become aware, but that itself will not be enough in the beginning -- because the mind, finding any opportunity to move in any old pattern, immediately slips, in a split second. It takes no time to become angry. By the time you become aware, already anger has flashed. Later on, when your awareness has become total, when your awareness has become an absolute with you -- before anything happens, awareness is always there, as an a priori; if anger comes, before anger awareness is there; if sexuality possesses you, before it awareness is there -- when awareness has become a natural, spontaneous thing, like breathing, even in your sleep it is there, then discipline can be discarded. But in the beginning -- no. In the beginning, when awareness is settling, discipline will be helpful.

My Way, The Way of the White Clouds



The questions Osho answers in this book were chosen over a period of fifteen days with a specific purpose: to introduce Osho and his work to the thousands of visitors and seekers looking for a new way of life.
With the clarity available only to a man who has gone beyond time and space to a state of supreme consciousness, Osho gives a comprehensive blueprint of his vision for a troubled twenty-first century humanity.
The symbol of the white clouds is chosen to represent the way a seeker moves on the path…and this book addresses all the states - storms, winds, rains, sun, rain and rainbows - that are part of the adventure.

Chapter   1: The Way of the White Clouds
Chapter   2: The Mystery Beyond Mind
Chapter   3: To Be Miserable or Ecstatic…?
Chapter   4: All Hopes Are False
Chapter   5: Dropping the Ego Now
Chapter   6: Are You Still Carrying Her?
Chapter   7: The Mystery of Relationship
Chapter   8: Only a Ripe Fruit Falls
Chapter   9: Surrender and I Will Do the Rest
Chapter 10: You Are the Way
Chapter 11: You Are the Meeting Point
Chapter 12: Whatsoever You Do, Be Total
Chapter 13: Share Through Your Being

Nine Sutras

Nine Sutras


Osho talks for the first time on his own Nine Sutras. Opening boundless new dimensions to the meaning and significance of the word yoga, he illuminates its vast scope and takes us way beyond what may well be our limited and limiting understanding of it. Using modern scientific knowledge to help us experiment with and experience our inner world, Osho gives us an in-depth introduction to his famous Dynamic meditation and takes us on a timeless journey into the beyond, home to ourselves.
"I have told you these Nine Sutras, not so that your knowledge may increase, not so that you may become more knowledgeable I have said all these things in the hope that, perhaps, you may get nudged a little, and you may take off on some journey." Osho

Chapter   1: Vital Experiments in Meditation
Chapter   2: Life Is Energy
Chapter   3: The Beggar and the Emperor
Chapter   4: The Sun of Consciousness
Chapter   5: The New Sannyasin
Chapter   6: Death Is Life

Nirvana-The last Nightmare


Why does Osho say that nirvana, enlightenment, is a nightmare – and not only a nightmare but the last nightmare? Because as long as we keep hoping for some future paradise, we are sacrificing the present moment for a moment that will never come. Our desire to achieve nirvana becomes the very obstacle to its happening.
Osho challenges us to wake up and stop dreaming. He exposes the tricks and habits of our minds that keep us from being in the here and now, living this moment totally.
As he retells five beautiful Zen stories and relates them to our lives today, we begin to discover the art of being present and joyful in the simple ordinariness of life.

Chapter 1: Mastered by Zen
Chapter 2: The Ultimate Nightmare
Chapter 3: Players of a Game
Chapter 4: The Drunken Dancer
Chapter 5: Killing the Buddha
Chapter 6: Taking the Risk
Chapter 7: The Infinite Journey
Chapter 8: Collecting Seashells
Chapter 9: A Conscious Death
Chapter 10: Living in Nirvana

No Water, No Moon

New Edition, Hardbound

Talks on Zen Stories

Osho uses these Zen stories to illustrate that holding onto the unessential is the barrier to our inner nature; losing needless attachments is a way to realization. In the title story, the nun Chiyono is carrying a pail of water and gazing at the reflection of the moon in the water. The pail starts to fall apart. She tries desperately to hold it together but fails.
The water pours out, and the reflection of the moon disappears. As the bucket falls apart, so do her mental constructs, and she realizes her inner self. These Zen stories on the surface seem absurd, but the meaning of Zen cannot be stated in words; it can only be implied by parable.
Osho employs these parables to elucidate the foibles of common thinking and to suggest ways to become aware of who we really are.

Chapter Titles
Chapter 1: Emptiness Cannot Be Frustrated
Chapter 2: Live the Mystery
Chapter 3: Whatsoever Life Brings, Welcome It
Chapter 4: The Absurd Is Needed
Chapter 5: Realize Who You Are
Chapter 6: The Ordinary Mind Is Enlightened
Chapter 7: In Meditation There Is No Other
Chapter 8: The More You Give, The More You
Chapter 9: Love Is Absolutely Adventurous
Chapter 10: In the Middle the Mind Disappears

Notes of a Madman

Notes of a Madman


Osho creates a loosely woven tapestry of vivid, humorous and touching impressions and glimpses giving the feeling we are having a personal meeting with the master. This small volume is one of three unique books from talks given in the unlikely setting of his dental sessions. In this atmosphere, Osho speaks in a poetic way on a wild and wonderful range of subject. It is a rare and intimate glimpse of enlightenment. He speaks on danger, beauty, madness, freedom, the fool. He tells us that fear is the only enemy of women. He weaves haikus of his own, and haikus from Zen mystics, with a loved Tibetan mantra: "Of the mortal and the immortal, of darkness and light, of the changing and the unchanging...Om mani padme hum."

Nowhere to go but in


In this book Osho answers a wide range of seeker’s questions, speaking on themes such as the nature of enlightenment, the seeking of spiritual powers, the relationship between meditation and love; on love and marriage, marriage and sex, sex as a meditation and Tantra.
In explaining a meditation technique called "tratak," Osho says it is "an experiment in just looking. It can be done under the open sky, in nature -- looking without mentally processing the images on the eye. In a short while you will find that the outside sky has entered you; that the sky outside and the sky within you have merged to become the great sky, all boundaries have disappeared."


"Osho is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness."
The Dalai Lama

"Osho is a mystical giant, a flowering of a unique intelligence and one of those rare humans ex-pressing himself with joy."
Paul Reps, author of Zen Flesh, Zen Bones.

Chapter   1: The Great Illusion
Chapter   2: Meditation: The Razor’s Edge
Chapter   3: The One, Undivided
Chapter   4: Don’t Throw Responsibility
Chapter   5: Read Between the Lines
Chapter   6: Either This or That
Chapter   7: First the Thirst
Chapter   8: The Blinkers of the "I"
Chapter   9: The Business of Isness
Chapter 10: Mentation & Meditation
Chapter 11: Mysticism: Conscious Anarchy
Chapter 12: The Ultimate Intercourse
Chapter 13: In - The Only Way Out
Chapter 14: The Ecology of the Inner
Chapter 15: You Need to Wake Up
Chapter 16: The Only Miracle

Pharmacy for the Soul

Paperback, 192 pages

Meditations, relaxation and awareness exercises

A comprehensive collection of meditations, relaxation and awareness exercises, and other techniques for physical and emotional well being. Organized in a user-friendly format and addressing issues such as relieving stress and physical tension, building self-confidence, enhancing emotional and physical vitality, mood swings, sexuality and diet, Pharmacy for the Soul has been compiled from transcripts of Osho’s one-on-one talks with people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world.
Each section of the book begins with a description and diagnosis of an emotional or physical problem, and then lists a number of prescriptions. Arranged by ailment and area of the body, remedies include stretching techniques, meditations, laughter and breathing exercises, vocalizations, visualizations, massage and meditations. Practical suggestions for dealing with everything from nailbiting to loneliness, from sleeplessness to feeling spaced out, are offered in these pages with illuminating insight, humor and compassion.

Chapter 1: Unwinding
Letting Go of Tension through Release and Relaxation

Dissolving the Armor
Throat Clearing
Relax the Belly
Dance Like a Tree
Tense First, Then Relax into Sleep
Soundless Silence
Energy Flow
Rechanneling Sex Energy
Nailbiters Anonymous
Just Say Yes!
Laugh Your Troubles Away

Chapter 2: Head Remedies
Taming the mind and (on occasion) dropping out of it

Enjoy the Mind
Change the Mind
Chant “Aum”
Watch Out for the “No”
Move From the Head to the Heart
Sound Advice
Gear Shift
From Head to Heart to Being
Time Out
Confusion Clearing
Unleash the Inner Chatterbox
The 24-Day Decision

Chapter 3: The Art of the Heart
Nourishing Your Love Potential

The Joy of Loving
Open the Petals of the Heart
Let Your Love Be Like Breathing
Breath of the Beloved
When Two Breathe as One
Hold Hands Consciously
Look with Eyes of Love
Fall in Love with Yourself

Chapter 4: Getting to Know You
The Search for Your Original Face

The Inner Light
Make Room for Joy
Are You Still Here
Find Your Own Sound
Watch the Gaps
Feel Like a God
Reliving Childhood
Remember the One Within
Moon Dance

Chapter 5: Clear Vision
Learning to See Beyond the Apparent

Uncorrupt the Eyes
Fill Yourself with Sunrise
Be Watched by God
The Source of Light
Third Eye Meditation
Drive Your Mind up the Wall
Be an Animal!
Golden Mist

Chapter 6: Mood Management
Becoming Master of Your Emotional World

Outsmart the Mind’s Routines
Change the Anger Pattern
Go Deep Into “No”
Untether the Tiger
Crisis Intervention
The Tai Chi of Misery
Moon Diary
Pant Like a Dog
Accept the Negative
On Cloud Nine
Imagine That!
Smile from the Belly
Break Down the Great Wall of China
Create a Private World
Happy Feet
Yes Mantra
Don’t Be Sad, Get Angry!
Note the Intervals
Take Note Thrice
The Law of Affirmation

Chapter 7: Sexuality & Relating
Learning to Dance with the Other

Opening and Closing
The Oceanic Other
Unblocking Sex Energy
Wait for the Right Moment
Be Wild and Watching
Enjoy the Time Apart
Be a Spendthrift in Love
The First and Last Time
Release the Negative
From Loneliness to Aloneness

Chapter 8: Making the Body-Mind Connection
Exercises for Health and Wholeness

Connect with the Body in Health
Meditation in Motion
Imagine Running
Talk Yourself into Relaxing
Be More Sensitive
For Smokers (1)
For Smokers (2)
Eat Humming Foods
Sleep Well
Toss the Trash
Exhaustion Recovery

Chapter 9:The Eye of the Storm
Staying Cool, Calm and Connected

Down to Earth
Breathe from the Soles of the Feet
Hara Awareness
Night Harbor
Protective Aura
Balancing Act
Being Here
Collecting Yourself
Lao Tzu’s Secret
Visualize the Buddha Within
Find the Inner Zero

Philosophia Perennis 1

272 pages, Hardbound

About Philosophia Perennis, Vol. 1 In this book of talks on the Greek mathematician and mystic, Pythagoras, Osho declares that had Pythagoras been listened to humanity’s history would have been totally different. Pythagoras is a man close to Osho’s heart, with his understanding that materialism and spirituality - East and West, body and soul - exist together. Pythagoras understood that are not opposing forces but complementary facets of a harmonious whole. In this series of talks Osho delves into the insightful verses of Pythagoras and responds to seeker’s questions.

Philosophia Perennis 2

274 pages, Hardbound

Talks on Pythagoras, the Philosopher and Mystic

In this book Osho sheds light on the ancient and little-known teachings of Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician and mystic.
This is the second collection of talks in the series that Osho titled Philosophia Perennis, meaning the perennial philosophy, the timeless laws of existence. Far from being a dry, academic center of learning, the “mystery school” of Pythagoras was alive with music, dance, celebration and meditation. Osho clarifies how the combination of these seemingly polar opposites creates a unique meeting of religion and science. While introducing the reader to the wisdom of Pythagoras, Osho also brings his insight to topics including psychoanalysis, education, politics, revolutions, sex, and religion. Be prepared for a mind-blowing read.

Chapter 1: The Golden Mean
Chapter 2: Zorba the Buddha
Chapter 3: More and More Mystery
Chapter 4: The Inner and the Outer
Chapter 5: A Totally New Dimension
Chapter 6: Enlightenment Is Your Birthright
Chapter 7: Live Moment to Moment
Chapter 8: All Revolutions Have Failed
Chapter 9: Dependence Is Not One-Way Traffic
Chapter 10: Aesthetics: The Real Morality
Chapter 11: You Are Perfect

Power, Politics and Change incl. DVD

Paperback + DVD, 224 pages


Power, Politics, and Change takes on the conventional wisdom that “power corrupts” and proposes instead that those who seek power are already corrupt: Once they attain their goal, their corruption simply has the opportunity to express itself. That’s why even those who seek power in order to bring about radical change so often fail, despite their best intentions.
Osho looks at where this “will to power” comes from, how it expresses itself not only in political institutions, but in our everyday relationships. In the process, he offers a vision of relationships and society based not on power over others, but on a recognition of the uniqueness of every individual.
Power, Politics, and Change includes an original talk by Osho on DVD. This visual component enables the reader to experience the direct wisdom and humor of Osho straight from the source. The Osho Life Essentials series focuses on the most important questions in the life of the individual. Each volume contains timeless and always-contemporary investigations and discussions into questions vital to our personal search for meaning and purpose, focusing on questions specific to our inner life and quality of existence.

Returning to the Source


Talks on Zen

This book is a glorious mixture of no-nonsense Zen and sublime poetic mystery. Starting with the flesh and bones of these ten beautiful Zen stories, Osho takes us deeper and deeper into ourselves…back to the source, our source.

Chapter   1: One Short Note
Chapter   2: Throw It Out!
Chapter   3: The Abbot of Nansen
Chapter   4: The Good Wife
Chapter   5: This Is Egoism
Chapter   6: The Two Concubines
Chapter   7: Snowflakes as Beautiful as These
Chapter   8: The First Principle
Chapter   9: The Practical Joke
Chapter 10: Making a Nuisance

Sex matters

Sex matters

Paperback, 320 pages

From Sex to Superconsciousness

For the first time, the profoundly simple and compassionate Osho insights into this most compelling of human energies are collected into one volume in Sex Matters. The book begins with selections from the worldwide bestselling volume of talks first published under the title, "From Sex to Superconsciousness." And continues with a broad sampling of Osho responses to heartfelt and real-life questions from young and old, men and women, parents and teachers, therapists and lovers. The sanest and most life-affirmative perspective you’ll ever find.


"Every once in a while, a book comes along that, like a marvelous invention,makes you say, ’Why didn’t somebody do this long ago!’ Sex Matters rediscovers the human, and rewards rather than punishes one for being in that state. It is a wondrous revelation that will give peace, confidence and courage all at the same time."
-Eugene Kennedy, author of The Unhealed Wound: The Church, the Priesthood, and the Question of Sexuality


PART I: From Sex to Superconsciousness
1. In Search of Love
2. The Fundamental Attraction
3. A New Door
4. Giving Birth to a New Humanity
5. From the Coal to the Diamond

Part II: Sex Matters
Deconstructing Sexual Conditioning

Moral and Immoral
What is the future of morality concerning sex?
Why are all the religions against sex? And why are you not against sex?
Don’t you think there’s a fear of overindulgence if there is no repression?
What is pornography, and why does it have so much appeal?
What type of society can develop individuals in whom the subconscious mind becomes just utilitarian and easily dispensable?
After eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge, Adam and Eve, for the first time, became aware of their nakedness and felt ashamed. What is the deeper meaning behind this feeling? And, secondly, it has been said that the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge is knowledge of sex. What is your view about this?

Illusions and Realities
The West seems to be obsessed with sex. People are stuffed with endless techniques and porno images. Why, in all this time, are people still stuck and unable to move into a more Tantric approach?
Are all desires the same? What is my desire for love?
What is the Zen approach to sex? The Zen people seem to have a neuter gender, or asexual aura about them.
Wilhelm Reich says "All patients are genitally disturbed. They must become genitally healthy. That means we must find and destroy all pathological attitudes which prevent the establishment of orgasmic potency." As a therapist and one receiving therapy, is that statement factual and a good foundation on which to build?
Why has sex always been included with anger, jealousy, cruelty, greed, possessiveness, violence, but never with fun, joy, love, playfulness, friendship and other great things that you have associated it with?
What is the relationship between sex and death?
Why do so many people get so uptight and embarrassed about even simple physical contact like hugging?
Can you say something about AIDS?

Part III: Neither Original Nor Sin
The Understanding in Practice

To fall in love is so easy. Why is it so difficult to fall out of love? So many discussions, tears, fights, fears.... I don’t want to hurt the person I’ve been with, because it’s not that there is no feeling. I’m so confused. Can you say something?
Jealousy feels like such a huge problem in relationships - my own, and the relationships of most of the people I see around me. Can you talk more about it and where it comes from?
What do you mean when you say, "Meditate over it"? Please explain it in relation to my problem of jealousy.
Why do I feel fear when somebody comes close to me?
Why do women like to be attractive to men when they also resent their sexual desires?
My husband loves me so totally that he has never thought of another woman in his life, and we have lived together almost twenty-five years. I cannot believe it although it is true. What do you say about it?
The other day you spoke of homosexuality, and let us laugh at the idea of all men walking arm-in-arm through the streets and calling each other "darling." Laughter is good, of course, but sometimes it has an edge of mockery. As a gay person, I felt put down at that moment. Please will you talk about how gay people or blacks or Jews or any other minority might receive and deal with such laughter.
I love my boyfriend very much, and our relationship is very good when we are together. But whenever I see that he seems to be interested in some other woman, even just to talk to her, I feel so jealous. I don’t want to make him feel like I’m interfering with his freedom, but it’s hard to hide these jealous feelings. What can I do?
I don’t really enjoy sex very much, and my boyfriend feels disturbed by it. Looking into it, I’ve become aware that I have never really been in a relationship where I felt secure with someone. I think I always used sex to keep someone, and pretended that I enjoyed it.
I certainly have not transcended sex. Why then, each time I go into it, does it somehow not feel right?
Although you keep telling us to enjoy sex and to have fun, I often find myself feeling serious and not very alive when I have sex. Somehow I’m afraid to just have fun. I don’t understand it. Can you explain?
I want to move deeper into sex with my girlfriend. But I feel my orgasms are very weak, and it happens too soon.
I seem to be really stuck in my relationships with men. There’s just always so much tension and fight, and I almost never have an orgasm. I don’t know what to do about it.
After I divorced my first wife, I felt really disgusted with sex. And I’ve been unable to have an orgasm since then, except after smoking marijuana. That’s still the case, even though I am really in love with the woman I’m with now.
How long does this stupid sex continue to haunt one? I am getting on sixty and it is still there.
I am getting old and losing all interest in women. What should I do?
Should children be told all the facts of life, irrespective of their age?

Epilogue: In Search of Wholeness

Showering without Clouds

Revised Edition, Hardbound

Reflections on the Poetry of an Enlightened Woman, Sahajo

This is an extraordinarily rich and touching book, because we are given the chance to savor the words of an enlightened man, commenting for the first time on the poetry, heart, and being of Sahajo - an enlightened woman from eighteenth-century Rajasthan. Speaking on Sahajo’s "sutras of love" and answering related questions, Osho describes, often very humorously, different paths and pitfalls of the female and male seeker - with beautiful insights into the differences between the female and male ego - and what happens to both women and men as they approach enlightenment.
Osho makes this available for the present day woman to see into her very nature and use the inspiration of this enlightened mystic to retain her femininity and grace on the path.

Chapter   1: The Enlightened Woman
Chapter   2: The Paths of Love and Meditation
Chapter   3: Two States of Consciousness
Chapter   4: Rising in Love
Chapter   5: Her Only Companion Is Her Own Being
Chapter   6: Desireless Devotion
Chapter   7: Devotion Has No Cause
Chapter   8: Seek, and You Will Miss
Chapter   9: The Master Gave Me Eyes
Chapter 10: Meditation, the Soul of Devotion